SHM Issues after update

Working now as well. Do they usually post what went wrong?

Working now as well here. also a 2.2.3 update today for Android !

Seems to be working now.

Got this email from support about 10 mins ago. Everything seems to be working normally now. SHM loaded correctly and I was able to switch from Armed (Home) to Disarmed.

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in today. We’re very sorry for the trouble you’ve experienced.

This issue was actually something on our end that we’ve recently resolved. You should no longer be experiencing this issue anymore. If you still are, you may want to try force closing the app and opening it back up again.

If that doesn’t work, please don’t hesitate to reach back out to us and let us know.

Kind regards,

Jesus G.
SmartThings Support

Be careful all!! The police just showed up to my house with their gun drawn!!

Woke up today and like all of you my alarm went off and I was unable to stop it using the SHM. I used an iris keypad to disarm it and had to manually silence the siren. Thought everything was fine and went about my day.

At 1105 am I opened my front door to take the dogs for a quick walk and check my mail. The Iris keypad said the alarm was off and the siren never sounded when I opened the door. Went to the mailbox and allowed my dogs to run around for alittle went inside and three minutes later someone is banging on my door. I open it and find three police officers with guns in their hands asking my identity. Not what I was expecting! I showed them my licence and the only reason I didn’t get a citation for the false alarm was because they got distracted when they noticed I had an electric car and started asking me questions.

After they left I checked my phone and saw the intrusion alert and noticed a missed call from Scout. I left my phone in the house when I went out with the dog. Wondering why the siren never went off if SHM thought it was armed and the door was open. Not very impressed with smartthings! I have had an alarm in my house for years and this is the first time I have ever had a false alarm where the cops showed up.

WTF??? That’s way to scary!!! I have dreds and live in an affluent neighborhood. That’s could have gone horribly wrong.

I’m still having issues with presence sensors are not recognizing when people come and go and is not running routines.

  1. Report it directly to support first:

Even if you see that other people have already reported it, go ahead and report yours as well. The company tracks “trending” problems and assigns more resources to problems which are hot, so the more people who report it, the more resources they can justify assigning to it. Also, sometimes there’s a workaround and they will come back and notify people who put in a support ticket.

The support staff do not read these forums, so don’t count on that. Put in an official support request. :wink:

  1. check the official status page. In my experience, less than 25% of the problems actually get posted to the page, but it’s still good to check.

  1. check the first bugs report page in the community – created wiki. This will let you know if a discussion thread has already been started for the problem. If so, you can join in on the discussion there.

  1. if there isn’t already a discussion thread going, then you can start one. There isn’t a Bugs section in the forum ( that’s why there’s one in the wiki), so if it’s specific to a particular version of the mobile app, you could start a thread there.

Otherwise just use the general issues section.

Don’t put a bug report in the devices section of the forum, it just becomes really hard to find later. The bugs are really annoying, but most of them do get cleared up eventually.

+1 for the same issue.