SHM Issues after update

There’s a lot of reviews on the Android app store right now about the same issue.

When we opened out front door at 8:30 this morning, the alarm went off, as if it hadn’t transitioned to Home mode at 6am as scheduled. SHM screen would not load, but we were able to silence the alarm sounders from the Things screen. Neither of us got push notifcations about the alarm being tripped, just an earful of sirens.

The thing that bugs me is that the app shouldn’t control this, so an app update shouldn’t break it. Even if both our phones were off, routines should still run correctly. I’ve been looked at the events list in the IDE and there’s conflicting information there. I can see that there is a routineExecuted entry reading “Good Morning! was executed” at the correct time, along with a corresponding alarmSystemStatus entry of “alarm system status is off” like there normally is. There are no further alarmSystemStatus entries after that until we started mashing buttons in the app when the alarm sounded. So why the hell did the alarm go off?

Location is updating normally for us, so I don’t think that’s our issue. But I have a feeling there is slightly more to this than a bad app update.

Same type of problem for me since my Good Morning routine ran. The website shows my alarm state is changing when I run routines but SHM won’t load at all.

To repeat what @jpark40 posted earlier, everyone please be sure to report your issue via one of the Get In Touch options at the bottom of

UPDATE: In a post below, @SteveWhite has said he got a reponse from support that they are aware of the issue, so you probably only need to contact support if you have new information to add.

If you do contact support, remember to be nice to them. The support guys didn’t cause this problem, and they are going to be having a pretty bad day as more people wake up to this issue, especially when the phones open at 9am PST.

Same here. Researched it more - and it appears to be a smartthings issue that occurred overnight.

Also, I’m using Android and there are reports on both android and ios.

I searched older posts and found one from march in the uk reporting the same issue that affected many users. Samsung acknowledged the issue and fixed.

Having the same problem. I had to include “Disarm” in my Good Morning routine. This did not happen prior to the app update. Please fix this now.

Already got a response to my support ticket. They know about it and are working to correct. I don’t believe it’s necessary for everyone having the issue to contact support at this point. They’ll get it fixed.

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Excellent! Thanks for the update Steve.

Thank you Steve.

Thanks, Steve. Let us know if you get any updates. Pretty bad bug since it affects the most core component of the system, security.

Strange as it’s OK for me.
Only have a smoke detector though.
On EU shard.
Andriod v6.0.1. App V2.2.3.

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Same issue, don’t have any sirens but my light turned on when I opened the door as it would with an intruder. I have the Scout Monitoring but they haven’t called, so it is definitely something with server/communication.

Same issue on my Android app. Smart Tiles seems to arm & disarm OK though.

I’ve only been using ST since Halloween. It was working great until this bug. It makes me realize that as soon as Samsung decides to walk away from this product the hub becomes useless because of how much it relies on their servers to function. May have to plan for some sort of local functioning system.

Same here. Deleted the app and now a blank dashboard. Have had the Smartthings setup only 4 days, convinced my fiancé it would be worth it. Already starting to feel like Harrison Ford in Mosquito Coast!

Same here.

Same problem. Had to manually switch the siren off in the list of things because the SHM screen is blank and routines wouldn’t disarm. Woke up everyone in the house this morning :blush:

SHM screen seems to be loading in the iOS app now. Not sure if it’s working correctly though since I’m not home.

SHM is working…North Carolina

All better here. I am now able to arm and disarm with no problem or delay.

Update: Working now