SHM, IFTTT and webCoRE were broken (25 Aug 2020) (all fixed 36 hours later)

The commenting out lines in the Main Code and Piston Code have me back up and running. (950 in the Main App Code and 5052-5053-5054 in the Piston Code).


Another day another problem. And this is just a simple app transition. God help us when they start transitioning the IDE


There are a couple of tweaks you can make to the webCoRE and webCoRE Piston SmartApps that seem to sort things out. You may perhaps find the odd bit of caching needs to clear itself before things sort themselves out. I believe an error some users have reported with authentication tokens was a side effect. I had it and it disappeared.

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FWIW, I did report this to support. As expected, they told me to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Classic app. :roll_eyes:

This has been broken 7 hours and still no status update or word in this thread from SmartThings. :frowning:


What is still broken for you… IFTTT or webcore or other?

IFTTT is still broken

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Same here. Noticed IFTTT was not working about 3 hrs ago and still down. Getting a little ridiculous now with waiting to see what fails next. New surprise every day.

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Same here my IFTTT automations are not working

webCoRE and SHM.
(Personally I’ve given up on IFTTT and don’t care if those things don’t work)


there is a manual fix for webcore

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So I followed the directions IFTTT and webCoRE not working (25 Aug 2020) and thankfully am back online with Webcore. Question, now that I manually updated the code, is there an easy way to revert it back if it comes back online? I thought maybe I could just update from repo over it, but doesn’t show as an option.

Manual workaround. I and others have already mentioned that.

SmartThings broke something today which caused all these failures. You’d think something there might respond to that. As I said:

Except now it’s 9 hours.

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Just got a notice from my company IT dept that a fiber cable was damaged by a work crew and is causing issues across the east coast. Wonder if that is causing some of the issues with IFTTT?

Its not just the integration between webcore and IFTTT.

I am having a one-way Smartthings to IFTTT issue where pressing a virtual switch does not send a command to IFTTT. However, IFTTT can send commands to Smartthings and activate the virtual switch.

Anyone facing the same issue?


Yes, that is exactly what is going on. Same exact issue here.

It’s the same here. IFTTT is able to communicate with SmartThings but not the other way around. It seems like there’s some authentication issue

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I was able to find the code that caused this error here,

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Yes ifft won’t trigger my ST virtual to Arlo arm :man_shrugging:t4:

From what I gather, it’s a SmartThings server-side issue. If I had to guess, it’s an OAuth token that a developer might need to update to match IFTTT’s side. From the new documentation here, it describes these error codes in detail.

Because it seemed like the documentation labeled this exception as “rare” the developers understandably didn’t catch it. I opened up an issue here, so that it might be caught earlier on.

As someone mentioned earlier, this is likely related to their September 8th rollout which caused some changes. I would recommend also updating the status page


Sent an email to support and got a reply saying to reinstall the app which accomplished nothing …
Do they understand the problem is likely on their end - wife is giving me bad time :slight_smile: