SHM entry delay logging entries

Hi all. I know entry delays have been discussed numerous times in other threads and that there have been several workarounds to overcome the problem. My question has to do with some log entries I came across in the smartthings IDE and try to understand what this means for the SHM platform.

"No Delay"
"unscheduling delayed alams"

Steps to recreate are

  1. open live logging
  2. set SHM to Armed
  3. trip the alarm
  4. dismiss the alarm
  5. observe the entries in SHM

Does the fact that delay support appears to be enabled in the backend via the log entries (or at least under development), Does this imply that maybe there is a future update in the works that supports this? Alternatively, could it be that the functionality was added to support ADT but isnt planned to be made available to SHM users? And lastly, Is there any way to expose this back end functionality so that other apps can take advantage of it? I’m hoping that someone more tied into ST roadmap maybe able to shed some light on the logs.


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Interesting discovery! But don’t count on SmartThings to share any information on SHM. Even the current API used by various Community SmartApps is entirely an unofficial leak and could be disabled.

As best I can tell, the alarm sub-system of ADT-SmartThings has been implemented in a very different way than SHM, so I doubt SHM was enhanced to accommodate ADT.

The ADT Panel claims undocumented Capability “Security System”, which (if documented!) would possibly be a great alternative to SHM (ie., it could be implemented by other physical and virtual devices).

But I’m not optimistic that this API will be opened up.