SHM Delay for Armed (Home) possible with Goodnight Routine?

For my Good Night Routine that happens at a specific time each night, I’ve ran into a problem. One reason I automated my garage doors is because we all forget to close them. I have one SmartApp for each door to monitor it and text me if it’s open for more than 30 minutes and that takes care of it most of the time. But occasionally we forget and go to bed. So when the Good Night Routine Runs, I used the Open or Close Garage Doors section to close all the garage doors (if not already closed obviously). It works well. The problem starts with the fact that I have a blink camera in the garage that is armed with Smart Home Monitor to take care of potential garage window intrusions by detecting motion, record a clips, and notify of intrusion to SHM. The problem ends with the fact that the garage door beeps for several seconds and then closes, total time in the 15-20 seconds range. Well, doesn’t wait for it to close before arming, so the motion of it closing sets off the alarm siren and lights up my phone, terrifying the kids. : )

Is there a way to set a simple delay? If not, I guess I"ll have to create another routine to check the garage doors and close them separately a minute before the Good Night Routine kicks off. Just wanted to keep things simple and not have to change multiple routines if I decide to adjust the time or go to manual goodnight with a physical switch somewhere.

Instead of using the built in Routines, you could build a webCoRE Piston to do the same thing and have total control on when the various events occur…

Just create a Virtual Momentary Switch and called it “Whatever the Routine is” and say:

If Virtual is “Pushed” (Could also use a Virtual Switch)
Using X, Y, and Z
Do Blah Blah Blah
Can put a wait before the problem child action.

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Perfect! Thank You. I have been meaning to jump into weCoRE Pistons… now I have an excuse to figure it out.

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