SHM Custom Rule not firing?

Here’s the overview: My son has been coming out of his room and walking to our bedside in the middle of the night and then just sits down on the ground and sometimes we don’t wake up for a while so he just sits there for like 15 minutes, haha. So I setup a custom rule in SHM that whenever his door opens (when in night mode) it’ll change the lights in our bedroom to Blue (Hue Bulbs) and send us an alert. The problem is that when he comes out he shuts the door behind him quickly for some reason and so even though I see the door open and close in ST activity, it never triggers the custom rule I’m guessing because it opened and closed so quickly. I do have the the “for this # of minutes” set to 0, but it still only works when the door is opened and left open for longer than a few seconds (I checked, and it does work if the door isn’t closed immediately).


I think I found a solution, I’m just going to use a routine to accomplish the same thing, which works with the short open/close window. The only thing I lose is the ability to set a custom notification/text message, but that’s fine. Let me know if anyone has a better solution though.

Also, if security is based on the door sensor opening and not closing quickly… not sure how secure that is if I were using this for monitoring external doors.