SHM - Custom configuration

Unlike the other configurations (Security, Smoke etc) nothing seems to happen when I set a Custom configuration.

The Dashboard still shows the default “Keep your home safe with Smart Home Monitor” pages instead of showing the configuration and nothing shows up in the History tab.

Is this a bug?

Nope, that’s right. Were you expecting to see a custom configuration name/rule on the status page?

Depending upon how the custom configuration is set up, the history tab may not have anything. I have several that just notify me via txt with nothing in History. If you created a custom configuration and included the option to capture video, then you’d see something in the History tab.

Yeah once you’ve created a configuration it should appear on the dashboard to show that one has been set and that it can be easily edited. Don’t you think it makes sense?

In this example its for motion detection and when setup elsewhere in the app you can see the history of the events but not when setup here. I can’t see this being any use if you can’t see when its been triggered?

Totally agree.

In the mobile app v1.7.x days, prior to hub v2, there use to be a real Dashboards page where you could see things like this, and doors, and temperatures, and, and, and…

I really wish ST would bring those back, but it’s not high on their radar right now. We’ve been promised something similar (September 20, 2015), but I’m not holding my breath. Here’s what it use to look like:


John that Dashboard looks very useful, I can’t really understand why they changed it if it used to work like that.

Once you’ve created a custom config it’s almost like it’s hidden from you because it just exists under settings, they really need to expose these to the frontend (Dashboard is the obvious). I don’t understand the logic of them doing this for the other configs but not for the custom configs.

How often is the iPhone app updated, are we likely to see improvements soon do you think? Doesn’t sound like it from the mention you make of September 2015! <—sure that shouldn’t be 2016?

Sadly, they took it away in September 2015. There have been at least three updates to the mobile app since then, and I think maybe more, but it’s never come back. They said from the beginning that it would come back eventually, but it hasn’t yet. And yes, that’s 2015, over a year ago.