SHM Control after Classic App is shut down

SHM status will still available after Classic App is shut down?

Technically the “SHM status” is the alarmSystemStatus attribute of the location. I don’t have SHM installed and yet I can still see and set the status using ActionTiles and webCoRE, or I could last time I looked. I can imagine that being true for other legacy apps and I can see how it could persist until the legacy platform is shut down.

So SHM as an app seems likely to be switched off with the Classic app. However the alarm status it uses could still be available to other apps.

So it isn’t really clear.

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Hey there.

Smart Home Monitor used to monitor Security, Smoke, and leaks will be migrated into Smart Things Home Monitor and Custom Smart Home Monitor Rules will be changed to Custom Automation in the New ST application upon completing the migration.

I hope this message finds you well!


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Thanks for share…I think not totally, I think migration copies configuration from SHM to STHM but its different app, ADT Tools 2 App can link ADT Alarm Panel with SHM but not with STHM because its current API restrictions… thats my concern, keep linked to ADT panel status from Smartthings …