SHM alarm triggered when should have been disarmed

Security Home Monitoring state detection is incorrect in rules. My alarm went off this morning again, this should have been disabled. it has been working correctly for the last few days but stopped

I have a rule that when the upstairs motion sensor is triggered and the SHM state is Armed (Away) the alarm state is changed to disarmed. i then have another rule once the alarm is disarmed and there is no motion on any of the sensors in the house the alarm state is set back to Armed (Away) however this morning this did not work and the alarm triggered once i walked downstairs. so i was curious as to why it did not disarm. this evening i have set the alarm state to Armed (Away) and then looked at the rule conditions and their corresponding values and i can the see that the condition for the alarm state being in Armed (Away) as showing as False even though the alarm is in that state. if i changed the rule condition to look for Disarmed the value showed True even though the alarm was in fact disarmed. i disarmed and re-armed twice before the state updated correctly in the rule logic, once the state was updated i checked that the alarm did disarm when motion was detected on the first floor. there is something sticking in the rule condition logic until the state is flapped between states…its very annoying.

why has this behaviour suddenly started today?

It’s been happening to me for quite some time. Short of manually disarming and arming ( which isn’t working for some people either ) it’s basically useless. Blaring sirens is all you get.