Shipping cost (Duty) to Canada?

(Dan Demers) #1

Anyone have any idea how much duty cost is when having a unit shipped to Canada? Also will I be able to get text messages in Canada? (Using Bell)

(Gavin Mogan) #2

Text messages don’t seem to work for me (Telus)

I’ve ordered smartthings kits 3 times.
Once $30 ish ($30.97 maybe?)
Once no duty
I can’t remember the third.

(Dan Demers) #3

Without the ability to receive text messages is this really work it… I guess that depends on how its used.

I really want a smarthings hub but I am concerned over ordering from the states (this is always an issue I typically overcome lol), but lack of SMS features is a deal breaker.


Push messages not enough?

(veni) #5

Text messages do work for me I’m on Videotron

(Dan Demers) #6

Good point . Thanks for the info all

(David Creed) #7


I’ve had 3-4 shipments and never had to pay Duty on any of them.

Texts have always worked for me (Rogers) If you’d like to test it, send me a PM with the number you want added and I’ll have my ST send you a text.

(Dan Demers) #8

Thanks David! I was able to receive the text message… oh and check your back door! :smile:


If your text messages aren’t working please email us at We’ve put a lot of work into making our text messaging services more robust and reliable lately and I’m not aware of any bugs at the moment - so please get in touch!

(David Creed) #10

@halkeye @Tyler

If you’d like to test it, send me a PM with the number you want added and I’ll have my ST send you a text


We’d troubleshoot this by having you send a time when a text message didn’t come through.

(Alex) #12

Text messages work for me with Virgin Mobile.

There was no duty on my shipment.

(Gavin Mogan) #13

I’ve tried again, both of my telus numbers work fine now.

I hadn’t tried in a while as push notifications were good enough.

(Dave N) #14

I have had 3 orders from ST and no duty assessed any time. Just the darn taxes :frowning:

(Philippe LeBel) #15

I guess I was not that lucky with the duty because I ordered the Smarter Home Starter Kit plus an extra SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor and it cost me about $60 of custom charges. I didn’t look at the details and I am assuming there is some taxes in there, but still. BTW, that was shipped to QC…