Shelly wifi device integration

Trying to integrate my Shelly switches into Smartthings and something seems to not work for me.
I’ve used this code and created a new device handler.
Then I created a new device.
Then I’ve updated the IP.

I did get a new button on my ST app, but it seems not to work!
here’s my log:

What am I missing?
I would highly appriciate any guidnace. Thanks.

In Device Network ID you have to put the hex address. But this work only for 1 channel, if you want to control a shelly 2 i suggest to use the webcore version

What’s a hex address? same as MAC address?
Where can I find the webcore address?


In your screenshot you see HEX Address, for Webcore edition is in this thread , backup code nbyc


Same issue, any ideas? help pls!
Regards, P.

Hello, I use this

for roller but the preset button dosnt work for me, someone has test it?


I’ve just finished testing the shelly f/w on a shelly 4 pro with MQTT and smartthings.
I’m still testing but should have it published before december. Basically I have instant response with MQTT and I get power and energy information.
The device handler will also work with all the shelly switches.

Hi ,
Can you also try to update the DH to support shelly 2.5 (for roller shutters).
I have DH but it’s missing one important thing .
When activating the roller shutter from the switch and not by the app it’s not refreshing and not seeing the correct status of the roller shutter .

welcome to the problem with the shelly device handler… if you read throught the threat this delay problem is talked about since at least january.
(similar problem with some sonoff device handlers)

this was why the MQTT bridge was built as this is a faster response time. However, a device handler would need to be written specifically for roller shutters.

I have made a piston on webcore, every x seconds refresh shelly and so the level is right on app and Alexa.

That what I think doing .
Can you share your piston ?

Hello, here are.


That was easier than I thought :slight_smile:

Hello I have shelly 2.5 and I want to use it as switch, two switch but I add on smartthign ide two devices, with ip and only one works, always switch on the same !!! help please.


Hello, you get work the two channels?I have this problem, only one channel work…

I would love to give it a try but I’m totally new to webcore, how can I manage to do that?
What I want to do is that when a shelly switch button is turned on or off I want to turn on another light that it’s not in smartthings. So I would love to create a switch that can be used by alexa to trigger a routine
So I would like to try your code but how can Import it in webcore?

Official Support is here. Great News

Tue. Strange thing is that of all my devices It doesn’t show two shelly 1 and a single channel of a shelly 2.5. Really don’t know why

Only support our device is socket, no light.

What do you mean. Of the 8 devices that I own, all configured as lights, 5 are shown correctly, 2 shelly 1 are missing and one shelly 2.5 shows only 1 of the 2 channels

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