SharpTools setLevel issue

I have about a dozen different Tasker/SharpTools/AutoVoice profiles setup for controlling various devices. I have quite a few of the Cree Connected LED bulbs and want to be able to dim them. I already have simple on/off profiles that work great. The issue I am having is that it appears that either Tasker or SharpTools isn’t doing proper variable substitution.

Here is my task:

I used the “Variable Sets” to take AutoVoice out of the equation. This should set my “Sofa Table Lamp” to a level of “50”.

Here is my SharpTools “A Thing”:

I have it set to only provide a single parameter (as opposed to the 2-parameter setLevel) since it doesn’t appear that the cree bulbs support this.

The problem is that when I execute this task, it appears SmartThings actually receives the String “%level%”:

The GUI actually displays the String “%level%” and the lamp is unchanged. If going back to my “A Thing” and replacing the variable “%level” with a hard-coded number, everything works just fine.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also shame on you SmartThings for not sanitizing your input!

Your best bet for help is @joshua_lyon.


Thanks for the detailed notes and screenshots! This is fixed in the latest SharpTools release which is currently with the test group. You can join the list of testers by following these instructions (otherwise I would expect the update to roll out to everyone over the next week or so):

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I just wanted to report back that after updating Sharptools, works great.

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Thanks for the follow up! I’m glad everything is working well for you!

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