Sharp Aquos TVs


Today I created a custom device for Sharp Aquos (and other Sharp) TVs. This is a very simple device that allows you to turn the TV on and off, set the volume, change the inputs and mute/unmute.

This is my second device that uses an inputSelect command, which is part of my proposed capability.avTuner. I also wrote a helper SmartApp if anyone is interested.

This device has a ton of caveats. Please read the README:

SmartThings does not have the ability to parse return values from the Sharp console. Thus, the state of the device is kept internal to the SmartThings device, and may drift from reality.

In addition, you can only send one command every 8 seconds. I wrote some blocking code to prevent the device from drifting quickly, but if you send more than 3 commands in a 20 second window you will definitely drift.

I had to hardcode the inputs you’d like to select on line 92. I only use input “1” and “2”. You’ll have to update this for your own taste, as SmartThings will not let us pick an array from device preference()

As a last note, if you want to increase the reliability of the device, remove the login and password from your Sharp Network TV settings.

Happy Hacking!


Thanks for writing this code. I got it working (adjust volume, toggle input, and mute) except I can’t get it to power on or off. Any clue?
The login and password are blank and the sharp lc-55le653u has the latest firmware 3.6.9.