Sharing My 2 Favorite Most Used Pistons

The following 2 Pistons are used in EVERY room in my home. I have found them to be my staples and I am sharing them with the Community. Each room in my home has many devices and I got tired of turning things off individually. This is basically my cheat code for my rooms.:grin:

Needed for Pistons to Function Correctly:

Each room in my home has the following:

(1) Master Controller/Switch-Virtual Switch named that room. i.e. Living Room has a Virtual Switch called Living Room. (Simple)
(1) Override-Virtual Switch named that room “Automation”. i.e. Living Room Automation. (Used as a Master Automation on/off for that room)
(1) Physical Button positioned somewhere close to that room (in or out). Xoami Buttons work great once paired correctly. I also use the GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmers/Switche’s double tap down/up (mostly down) feature.
Optional but very useful:
Motion and Contact Sensor-Used to set the Occupied Status of the room
Also, most of my rooms have a Tablet in them that functions as a Text-to-Speech (TTS) Device

The Pistons:
This Pistons serves the function of turning on/off the Master Controller. If anything is on in the room, then the Master Controller turns on. Turning off the Master Controller turns everything off in that room. If the Master Override is enabled and you try to turn off the Master Controller, then the Tablet will talk to you telling you to disable the Master Override. (Simple)

This Piston is for the Button. If everything is off, then tapping the Button runs your favorite Routine. If anything is on, then tapping the Button turns everything off (also disables the Master Override). Holding the Button runs your favorite Routine.

Real World Uses:
Action Tiles-You can easily see if a Room is in use.
Alexa-Can easily turn off everything in a room by saying, “Alexa, turn off the Living Room”.
Automation-Can easily disable Automation for devices isolated to that room only.
Convenience-Can easily tap a Button on your way out of a room and turn everything off and resume automation.

You can use these by simply using the import code. They are setup so you only need to define your devices once and the Pistons will auto populate.