Sharing Device Types across user accounts


I am trying to implement @wackware’s “Better Virtual Dimmer” device along with “Dim With Me” and it is working as expected, but only when logged in as me. When my wife attempts to use the device in the mobile app the panel icon shows as “Unknown” with a question mark. If I log on as her and view the devices types I don’t find anything listed. If I view the device instance it shows up as normal until I click “edit”, where the device type reverts to “Acceleration Sensor Capability” (the top item on the list).

If I go through and manually create the same device type under her account, I can edit the device and change it to “Better Virtual Dimmer”. When I do so, the icon in her application goes back to normal and the device works. Unfortunately, it then no longer works under my account.

Without accounts everything works as expected. Other devices all work as I’d expect as well. Should I be able to share custom device types across users connected to my hub?

Better Dimmer Device
(Ron S) #2

Will sneak and check if my SmartApps are available on hers. She thinks ST screws up her iPhone and iPad whenever I mention anything ST. But my first guess is that the device type in ide may NOT be available to her per se but will get the pushes if your app has that. Veterans can chime in.
But that device should be in her app though.

Early on I had a Smart away monitor which I wrote and couldn’t find it on her phone but she gets notifications from my SmartApp. But I may be totally wrong.


Upon further reflection, I’m left to wonder if there’s any reason I’m using multiple user accounts here. The current implementation of users doesn’t seem to provide any real benefit and it appears it may come with some limitations.

My thought was to simply log my wife out and log in as me which works for the virtual dimmer thing, as expected. However, I then discovered that I cannot use her phone for mobile presence when logged in as me. I deleted her mobile presence device, and upon trying to re-add I got the error "Warning! This mobile phone is already set up as a mobile presence device”. I tried uninstalling the app from the phone and reinstalling with the same message. I can find no mention of her mobile device in the web development environment logged in as me or her.

So as it stands I can now either let her control her lights (logged in as me) or I can let her use mobile presence (logged in as her) but not both. I’ve emailed support to see what they can do here.

(Grzegorz K ) #4

I do have the same issue now. All of my switches are showing up on my wife’s mobile as “Unknown” with the question mark under the “Things” section. There is no way to control them.

@Ben: Do you know what’s wrong and how to fix that?


Support has emailed me back and told me two things: one, they won’t support the custom device. It should replicate across accounts, it doesn’t, but because it’s custom they won’t address the issue and have asked me to take it to the community.

Second, I’m being told that having two mobile presence devices under the same account is not supported, despite the fact that I have a 3rd user that is logged in as me and mobile presence works fine. The problem appears to be tied to a mobile device that has been setup for mobile presence under one account cannot then be used for mobile presence under another account.

I’ve sent some clarifying details and questions back to support, but as of this point I’m basically being told that I’m boned. Custom device sharing should work (it doesn’t but they won’t support it) and multiple device presence on the same account shouldn’t work (it does but only on a device that has never been setup for mobile presence on another account).

(Mike Maxwell) #6

I have multiple accounts, one for the house, one for myself and two other ones for family.
All users login to ST mobile from their names accounts.
–custom device code is published under the house account, these devices are visible to all users.
–custom smart apps are published under my named account, these are also visible to all users.
Not sure if that answers your question or not.


@Mike_Maxwell that is very helpful. I’ll have some time tonight to tear this all apart and give the custom device another shot.

Still no word from on resolving the mobile presence problem. From what I can see, once a phone is setup for mobile presence that device is nailed to that user account forever.