#ShareSmartThings Referral Program

+1 and watching the thread…

. I’m buying 3 more hubs and various sensors. I’m setting up my mother’s home and 2 siblings homes as Christmas gifts. All three also have vacation homes and with the interest they’ve shown my system I’ve no doubt I will eventually be setting up systems in those homes too.
Anyway a current customer/supporter to get a discount?

If this referral was still active, at $10 each. I could have my entire house done for free with all the people I have converted from Wink and Securifi over the last 2 months.

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Any idea when 5-pack will be available again? I need to buy a lot of multi and motion and it’s quite expensive buying them without the pack rebate.

Also, an update on the referral program would be very nice.



Hey Everyone!

Just was following up on this. I see images floating around ;). Although I’d like admit the next few weeks, it looks like before the end of the year, we will have packs and such ago.

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