Shared account notifications

We have not really paid much attention to a shared account in the past but due to 360 vanishing i have shared my account with the wifes iphone

What i do not understand is notifications on off in the ST app

My wife does not want notifications on devices that have no meaning to her but odviously as i monitor various devices i need notifications

There seems to be no way of seperating notifications, if i switch ST notifications off in her phone for various devices, they switch off for me ??

Is there a better way around this ?

Are the notifications from Routines you’ve defined or general notifications from the app? In Routines, you can specify who receives a notification. If they are general notifications from the app, I would think the best bet would be to use the settings on her phone to disable notifications from the ST app. Since you would disabling notifications strictly on her phone (via phone settings) that would have no effect on your phone receiving notifications.

This is what we have done Bruce, due to seemingly being unable to have seperate notifications she has disabled notifications from ST in her iphone settings not ST settings

There is however a 1st world issue with that… she needs/ likes/ uses notifications from Samsung washing machine… i know, i know, a first world problem but it is offered so we use it

Regards notifications for automations, no her device is never included in notifications from an automation but STHM pipes up if it changes mode along with other devices that i might be tinkering with or adding and removing

Maybe i am missing the point but just seems short sighted that devices for different users have to have the same notifications

I’m guessing that with multiple accounts, disabling certain app or device in the ST app applies to all users not just for the user who disabled them.

That being said, I’m on an Android phone and there are apps like FilterBox that allow you to filter messages based on keywords. If there are such apps for the iPhone, I think that is going to be the route that will work best since the ST app doesn’t give you enough fine grain control of who receives which kind of notifications.

Just to clarify, is your wife’s phone logged in to the same Samsung account as you? Or does she have her own Samsung account and was invited to be a member of your home/location?

Its not even fine grain, it is simply user needs, why on earth would the developers believe all users need the same notifications

I guess i know that answer, i just wondered if there was another approach… other than shut all notifications off on the iphone

When you create a routine with notifications you can pick who gets them.

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He isn’t talking about in Routines. He is talking about unsolicited notifications like “Device xxx added” or “Location Mode changed to Away”.

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I guess I am confused.

I don’t get notifications for mode changes unless I write a routine to do it.

And I don’t get ST notifications when a device is added. I do get Alexa notifications when a device is added, but that has nothing to do with the ST App.

The only place that I know of that sends unselectable notifications is STHM. And the work around would be to turn off notifications in STHM and use a routine to send selected notifications.


Does that mean they are logged in with the same account?

I think the app is a little unclear as to what is a location setting, what is an account setting, and what is a phone specific app setting.

I think the notification settings probably apply at the account level.

I like every person to use their own Samsung/SmartThings account, but then we have Samsung phones so nothing else would make sense.


Sharing accounts ‘breaks’ a bunch of experiences. I don’t think there’s a way to do what you want Mike without giving her her own account and inviting that account to the location.


sorry been fighting dark areas on a camera without introducing grain… a great little game of wak-a-mole

i think Nathan really nailed it, sharing an account without the other user having a samsung account or Galaxy device makes a mess of controlling notifications in a logical way

in my mind, if i switch off a notification in the Iphone ST app ( not a routine notification ) it should not affect the other device, in my case my galaxy phone and vice versa but there it is, they do, in reality sharing an account just creates a mirror version of the original with no independant control

i have not tried giving my wife a seperate samsung account, tbh it would be like pulling teeth, she is happy with 1 email addy and 1 account on her device and i am sooo opposed to Apple products i realy do not want to start to have to understand them… they dont even have buttons … i mean seriously !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: i guess the turn all notifications off will suffice for now