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i have webcore installed but it obviously requires some advanced knowledge. I haven’t programmed since Fortran. Thanks for the help,

There is a small learning curve. But if you can work with CoRE then you can certainly handle webCoRE. If you would like some help then shoot me a PM and I can help get you rolling.

It looked intimidating, but when you click on “Add condition” it is all pop-up programming.

Sorry to trouble you, I am having trouble locating the sensor switch with the water option. It’s location would be much appreciated.

Got this one working the way I wanted thanks to helpful forum members.

Entry delay for use with a siren, keypad, door sensor, and SHM. I had tried various versions of Smart Alarm (great app idea) but could never get everything working reliably. So this is my attempt to basically do the same thing with CoRE.

Basically I use SHM to arm and disarm the “alarm system”. It is also responsible for sounding a siren and sending push notifications on intrusion. Because SHM has no entry / exit delay built in, using a physical contact sensor results in the alarm, and therefore siren, being tripped immediately upon door open. To solve this I tied it to a delayed virtual contact sensor, that “opens” 30 seconds after the physical one, but only if SHM hasn’t been disarmed within the 30 second period. The virtual contact sensor is what SHM monitors.

I’m sure there are other solutions to this that people have come up with, but seems like a common problem so hopefully it can help some other beginners like me.

What did you use for these settings?

I have Sensor and I have Switch. I don’t have Sensor Switch. Can you post your CoRE settings for this? Thank you!

Hi everyone

I am trying to control some garden lights and struggling to get them to turn off.
The trigger to turn them on is the contact sensor on the patio door opening.
To turn them off I want to use the power level on the PIR security floodlights on the back of our house.

if garden_tree switch is OFF and patio_door contact sensor changes to OPEN then
turn on garden_lights
else if garden_tree is ON and garden_tree switch has not changed in 1 minute and secuirty_light power level is less than 1W then
turn off garden_lights

Unfortunately the else if is not firing.
IS it because there is no event to trigger it or something?

I would appreciate your help

I’m having some issues with this piston.

Switching the lights on is working fine, however, I wanted it to switch off the lights when there is no motion and the garage is closed.

However, even when there is motion in the garage, it still executes the switch off command when there is no motion for five minutes. Can someone review and let me what’s wrong.

This worked fine when I was using Automation in the smartthings app.
Since I discovered WebCoRE, I’ve been trying to move all automations over here.

Change the two else if sections to individual IF blocks. In other words, use three individual IF blocks in your piston.

Also, a good resource for building pistons is the webcore community forum

There are a few users over there who enjoy helping others build their pistons.

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ok let me try that. I posted this there as well. (Y)

I haven’t looked closely but line 38 instantly looks suspicious.

When you use explicit triggers like ‘changes to’ you need to make sure they will always be evaluated when the trigger happens. If you don’t the piston may evaluate ‘changes’ incorrectly.

Thanks, what would you recommend I use?

As @jkp suggested, it is really a matter of arranging the logic so the triggers are in the top level of ‘if’ statements rather than in ‘else if’ statements. Often the ‘else if’ is only being used because it seems more efficient or elegant to avoid unnecessary comparisons, but with webCoRE there is often more going on than it seems.