Several Devices Stopped Working

I have been using Smart Things for just under 6 months and have recently returned from vacation to find that several random light switches, outlets and an extender have stopped working, while others still function.

To say the least, that on New Years Eve, I am trying to figure out why my front door won’t lock, lights won’t turn on and other devices won’t function is quite frustrating. Smart Things has been sold as a security inclusive system, but when you can’t rely on it to consistently control, monitor or operate devices, it simply cannot be relied upon.

I have done all of the troubleshooting that can be done at this point, short of “Removing” each device and attempting to reinstall. But really, if I have to do this on any type of regular basis, this is a major fail. I don’t have anymore that 10 to 15 items controlled, but they are all important to me. So what’s next? Anyone else having a random issues where half of their devices randomly stop working or fail? FAIL?

Any thoughts or assistance at your convenience would be appreciated. I understand this is a holiday weekend, so I don’t expect immediate responses. Wishing you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!


Hi @mkfmedic, There can be lots of things influencing what you’re experiencing, so I’d recommend emailing support at

Are the problem devices all zwave, or a mix of zwave and zigbee? As part of your troubleshooting, have you tried using the Replace function in the mobile app for any zwave device that’s not responding? I’d highly recommend doing that for all zwave wall switches and zwave plug-in outlets that aren’t responding to commands from the mobile app.

Since those devices act as repeaters, if they’re not working correctly the domino effect on other devices not working or being slow will be very noticeable.

Thanks a lot Johnconstantelo! I did as you mentioned but previously I re-connected a z-wave wall outlet that I have taken off for a while. Now, with the z-wave outlet working again, it seems that the “repeater” function solved the problem,so I used the replace function on the app, and now all devices are working again.
best regards