Setup just keeps telling me to "wait for your account to be loaded"

I accidentally deleted my profile on the Smartthings web site from my PC and now when I try to use the app (Android) it asks me to log in then takes me to a Welcome screen. Clicking the next button takes me to the “set up your home” page. Every time I click the next button I get a drop down message that says “Please wait for your account to be loaded”.

I have done a cold boot on my phone (HTC 1 M7), re-installed the app, Unplugged the hub and re-plugged it in, all to no avail.

Please help!

Hi Tom!

Can you email us at We can get you squared away quickly.


Similar problem…

Using the Android App, created an account, it then gives me a “Thanks” screen, I click “Next” and then in a repeats for about 5 times with the Thanks/Next screens, then it fails at the Dashboard with a grayed out + in the middle, can not select it. Click the option button at the top left and all selections are grayed out? Full cache clear on phone, uninstall, reboot and reinstall, same issue.

Tried to logon online at the api/developers site and delete the account or to change the email to start over, but no such options available.

Setup issues right out of the box with the ST, and no way to get any timely support. Live Chat Disabled, No Live Phone Support, only option is 1-2 day tag team email responses from multiple different reps.

Not a great 1st impression…

All I can say is that your initial setup and support experiences are not typical.

Still awaiting initial setup/logon assistance. Day 1 with ST looks like a bust, never able to get past the “Thanks” screen on the android app setup… Support it too delayed sending
tag-team emails and only answering or asking one thing at a time every few hours, and even starting over, keep getting new rep and they never understand the issue.

ST needs some kind of real time support, this is sad… I’ll never get setup at this rate… No Phone, Live Chat Support??? Tag Team email will not get it done… Community website no help to this point either…

I left Wink for support issues… At least Wink’s gear got setup in minutes with multiple pieces of equipment… Their gear in flawless, except for poor status updates on Wall Switches when switched manually, but this may be hardware related from what I’m reading. Looks like vendors need to pay Lutron for their license fee for the “Instant Status” feature in the standard Z-Wave protocol, some standard…