SETUP error: Error Saving Location. Please try again


After connecting to my hub for the first time and typing in my home details, I get the following message when I click on next: “Error Saving Location. Please try again”

I have tried again multiple times but it does not work. Has anyone got a fix?

Thank you

send a message to

Thanks, I managed to sort this myself. Duran

It would be helpful to others in the community if you posted what you did to fix it :wink:

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How did you fix it? I have the same error.

Really could do with knowing how you fixed this issue


I have the same problem as well as I can no longer use the welcome code any more. I’m in the UK could that be why? (Support haven’t responded after a couple of days)

I am in the UK too.

I can’t really answer what I did as I was just messing around until it worked. I kept unplugging and plugging the device back in, and from the developer login page it eventually displayed my hub. Then from the developer page I added my location and linked the hub to it, then after probably 2 hours the app showed my hub as synced!

Good luck…

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Same issue. Same error. Thanks for sharing the solution…