Setup assistance with Samsung Smartthings hub in australia

i bought the SS Hub from UK to use in australia. struggling to set it up. once connected to power and router, LED lights not turning green. also, smartthings app shows device offline and inactive. anyone can help me with troubleshooting this issue.


I didn’t think you were allowed to use it over there…something about different frequencies
What voltage did you guys use is it 240v ?

Hi Steve, our frequency and voltage is same as uk. 240v and 50 hz

It’s the hub booting up at all ? Any LED’s light up

Hi steve,
Lights are booting up. Flashing purple. But on android smartthings app, it
says hub offline and device inactive

Have you checked your internet connection and possibly a bad Ethernet cable try a different one.
Try rebooting your router also it may be a issue with IP assignment.

Yes, its the first time im setting up the device. New cable. Internet
working well.

did you get to the point of activating it in the app?

Its not activating in the app.

Hi .
The hub is online, however unable to add yeelight to the hub and when i
click on smartapp, the application crashes. Unable to add any smartapp

Its not activating in the app.