Setting up two iPhones on Smart Things

Took the plunge with Smart Things, and I think i’m getting there, have the basic set up complete on my iPhone. I have the starter kit with some Hue bulbs and door sensors.

Question is I would like to set up my wife as a user on her iPhone, I install the app, and log in as me, but cant register the iPhone as it said its already registered. I can’t see how you create multiple accounts. Ideally I would like to use the iPhone as a presence sensor

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Great thanks, so it’s not possible to have two iPhones connected as presence sensors ?

This is from nearly one year back. V1 and old iOS days…

Some info may be still helpful though old…

Still not working, think its a problem with multiple accounts. Would be interested to see if anybody has managed to connect to iphones in the uk

That was broken for a while too in the US but it is working again. I know it doesn’t help you solve your issue - just trying to give you hope :relaxed:

This was working last week. A change was made and it was enabled, so surprised you are having a problem. I know it sounds basic, but try making sure you have the latest version of the app on your phone. I am running version 2.0.4 on my iPhone and successfully have multi account set up in the UK.

I get the following error from the other iPhone ( logged in with my account)

This mobile phone is already set up as mobile presence device

I seem to be able to create duplicate iPhones from my handset. Confused !!!

This is the official knowledgebase article on what SmartThings offers for account sharing.

Read carefully, the features may be somewhat different than you expect:

With step by step videos!

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