Setting up Echosistance help

I am at the point in setup where I am setting up my profile and also adding the slot types and all that. I am kinda lost. It seems something is missing from the walkthrough. I am not exactly sure what a profile is and how it is used. Due to that confusion, I am not sure how to get all the values for all the slot types. I know the walkthrough shows about 8 different slot types but I am not sure where all the values for each slot type are coming from.

For the custom slot types go to

You will get the values for the profile slot types here

For the LIST OF DEVICES you will get that from your live logging mentioned on step 5.

Scroll down to:

Select the link for profile, then select RAW. Then on that page ctrl +A, then ctrl +C. That will then be pasted ctrl +V on the interaction model BETA page.

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Ok, I got past that part I think. I went to the next step where I am on the CONFIGURATION part under the main intent set up. I set it up to use AWS Lambda ARN (Amazon Resource Name) and set the location to North America with my ARN number. I get this at the bottom now though

Error: Please make sure that “Alexa Skills Kit” is selected for the event source type of arn:aws:lambda:us-east-X:XXXXXXXXXXXXX:function:EchoSistant

I’ll look at the page on my home computer once I get home from work. I started the setup today also; however, the work computers firewall aren’t playing nice with the developer site. I’m at about the same step you are.

Yup Ohio doesn’t have that skill. I ran into the same thing.
The documentation states that N. Virginia definitely works, while the others may or may not have that functionality.

PS I tried Ohio as it was the closest server to me.