Setting up BR30 bulbs

Hello all,

I have a newbie question. I have a few Osram BR30 Bulbs with full color spectrum ability. Is it possible to change the color on all 3 at once. For example, can I change them all to red at the same time? And then switch back to 2700k or whatever I want. Can I set a rule so they all turn blue at sunset or sinething like that. Thanks in advance.

There are quite a few ways to accomplish this.

You could use the SmartLighting smartapp and create a rule there. You could use a routine to do it. You could go more advanced and use a virtual switch to group the three together. You could use 3rd party apps like webCoRE, Stringify and/or SmartRules, Yonami, etc. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! :slight_smile:

For the “turn blue at sunset” scenario, I’d just go with a routine that sets all three to the same value (level and color) and have it automatically trigger at sunset and then turn off either at sunrise (or a specific time).

To group them together, I’d create a virtual switch (using SwitchMania is the EASEIST solution to this), and have all three on that virtual switch.

You could try [RELEASE] Trend Setter