Setting up 2nd (new) hub and switching everytyhing over


My 2016 SmartThings hub is dying- it loses connection almost evening now and comes back after a few hours.All efforts to get it working better have failed. My thought is to buy a new hub, set it up and systematically swith all of my devices to the new hub while the old hub is still up and running. Here are my thoughts…

My current hub is associated with my personal email address. I’m wondering if my new hub should have a brand new email address dedicated just to the hub. That way, if/when I sell my house the hub, IDE, etc can go with the house as a package- Am I overthing this? Also, if I set up a new (Aeotec) hub while my ST hub is still working, I may have less issues with the migration… maybe exclude/include one device at a time…Will this be true? Anything else I may be missing?

good luck -Jim

are you certain it is dying? very strange from your description that it loses connection every evening and not other parts of the day.

Have you contacted ST support to let them investigate?

What is the color of the led on the front of the hub when it loses connection? how many edge drivers are installed? is the hub that loses connection or devices (just checking)? when did this issue begin occurring?

It’s notr exactly every evening, but usually, and does happen on a more regular basis. I’ve contacted ST support. unplugged power, removed batteries. The only thing I haven’t tried is a full reset, but I may as well get a new hub if I’m going that route. The hub LED has been solid green and not worked. it has also beeen solid blue and solid red and not worked, too.

I don’t have any edge drinvers that I know of. This issue started more than 6 months ago. A very intermittant/short lived issure is getting worse by the month. Are there any good ways to troubleshoot?

Blockquote That way, if/when I sell my house the hub, IDE, etc can go with the house as a package

A very interesting question that I have also considered that was not a consideration when I automated my home. Is there a “Best Practices” to consider when setting up Smarthings Edge. I had Groovy working like a champ with all ZWave based devices and now I’m dealing with many challenges and now spending a lot of time attempting to get Edge based devices/drivers working correctly so any considerations for a “graceful handoff” if I sold my house has come to the top of my mind.