Setting siren "Turn off after" timer with RBoys Intruder Alert with Actions

I am using RBoys Intruder Alerts with Actions to provide sensor delays and tying into STHM. I have a “dummy” sensor placed onto STHM for activation of the security feature, but it doesn’t “do” anything as it is not tied to any actual sensor. The actual sensors from Konnected Pro board are programmed via Intruder Alerts with Actions to activate sirens and strobes.
Is there any way place a timer (turn off after) setting to control the sirens and strobes once activated through Alerts with Actions? I don’t want the sirens to blast away for hours on end if no one receives the notification and turns off the alarm with STHM.
The only thing I can think if this feature is not presently available on Intruder Alerts with Actions is for it to Turn On the “dummy” virtual switch on STHM instead of actual siren and strobes. STHM will then activate the sirens and strobes as STHM has a timer control for this.
Perhaps the pros at RBoys can place a timer (turn off after) setting for the “Turn on alarm(s)” under Alarms and Actions? Any thoughts, suggestions, and assistance would be appreciated.