Setting only home monitor to armed when all is away not just one

I would like to think I have tried everything,

but if only one of us leaves the property then the Home Monitor switched it to Arm(Away), even though one of us is still at home…

Could anyone help?

Are you using Member Location to arm it? If so, you should be able to select each member in the Who, a location in the Where (presumably Home), and then “All phones and tablets away from Home” in the When.

It could also be that the presence for one or more members is not updating properly. There is no “device” that you can check to see if ST thinks a member is at home or not. You could create a virtual presence sensor for each member and create Routines to mirror the member presence to the virtual sensor. In that way, you have a way to verify if presence is being updated properly or not.

Thank you, I believe I have set all that up as you state; you could be right with regards the mobiles aren’t updating properly. So I have lengthened the time the alarm sets to a longer time of 5min. I will try that first.

If you havent done so already, set up a virtual presence sensor for each phone so you can identify if they are reporting their location correctly.

The “if” section of your automation should be: “All phones and tablets away from home” for it to work correctly.

Note to self… read the thread before replying :joy: