Setting Initial State without Classic App?

There have been several reports of various devices and integrations which didn’t work in the new V3 app until they had first been toggled in the classic app.

In most cases, this appears to be because the device, say a virtual switch, doesn’t have a state until it’s been turned on for the first time. And the new app doesn’t like that. It also appears to apply to some integrations like the tuya integration for scenes.

The current easy solution is just to open up the classic app, turn it on and off there, and after that these devices will work in the new V3 app.

What’s the alternative for once the classic app goes away? Can Webcore be used for this? SharpTools? ActionTiles? Is there some other method?

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@JDRoberts - I thought you just saved my SmartLife install. SmartLife in the new app showed the scenes as Offline. I figured I try the in the Old app. They work great! Back to the new app. Still offline. Ugh!!!

Once you operate the Smartlife devices in the classic app you should be able to go to the new app and build an ON automation and an OFF automation using one virtual switch.
Once you do this the virtual switch will work regardless of the state of the imported scenes.
I have had one working for over a month and one working for 12 hrs. with no issues.

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The alternative is to simply write device integrations with the issue in mind. So write integrations that immediately seed attributes with valid values and units and/or get the device to report its actual status.

So, for example, you might seed a contact sensor with the value ‘closed’ as that is generally considered inactive. It might not match the actual setting of the sensor but it isn’t unreasonable to expect the user to test the device having installed it and that will put it right.

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OK, but what about the integrations that are being provided by the device manufacturers, like Tuya. They have to change their integrations, right?

I’d say so, yes. Certainly no integration created with the last year or so has any real business in not working nicely with the new app (within its UI limitations).

Given that we all mess around with new devices to see if they work, there should be plenty of state changes flying around anyway.

To be honest, this hasn’t been a huge issue and I didn’t really pay attention to it. From my experience, it most often happens to presence sensors and they need to be “primed” before they display the correct value in ActionTiles.

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Ok, some community members are reporting that they are able to access the “offline” devices through the sharptools dashboard. See, for example,

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You can also access “offline” Smart Life devices/scenes using webCore.

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Once you do this, will they be recognized in the new V3 app as being online? Or is the problem that the integration is presenting scenes as stateless?

I use WebCore to link the “offline” on and off scenes that get imported from Smartlife into a single usable Smartthings virtual switch that can be used in other automations or manually.