Setting Google voice to ring based on presence

This is not entirely a ST question, but I figured someone in this community might have tried this.
I use a Google voice number as my primary number. I have it set to ring at the office during normal office hours and at home the rest of the time (and my cell all the time). Of course, that works only if I were a Swiss train always on a perfect schedule. And I am neither Swiss nor on schedule most of the time, let alone a train.
Has anyone figure out how to change the ring number of Google voice based on presence, either with ST or other method?

There used to be a Google Voice plugin for Tasker that would let you set which phone to ring, along with a bunch of other options. You could pair this with Tasker and any of its location options to do exactly what you’re looking for.

I have no idea if the plugin is still in development or if it works with the latest Android updates, but it might be a good place to start.

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Never thought of this (and I actually am Swiss! :wink:) but surely could be possible. The issue here is that forwarding phones are somewhat dynamic which would make the UI a challenge (unless you would want to hardcode things for yourself only). The login/authentication process to Google Voice is also somewhat of a challenge.

That said - if you’re on iOS you could use GV Connect which includes “Location Awareness” as an IAP which allows you to change settings based on arrival/departure of your phone from user-defined locations.

Full disclosure: other than being Swiss I am also the developer of GV Connect

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