Setting Device Parameters

Hello all,

I’m hoping you guys can help me. I’ve installed a few Aeotec Dual Nano switches and they’ve all went off without a hitch. I’m installing a new one right now and for some reason, the external inputs weren’t working. I am using just traditional toggle switches as the external input. When I would flip them, nothing would happen. I used Z-Wave Tweaker to modify parameter 120 to value 1 for the first of the two built in switches and then my external toggle switch would work fine for switch 1. However, I’m unable to do the same thing on switch 2.

When I try to scan/print/set parameters, I get the following error from Z-Wave Tweaker:
Cannot invoke method startsWith() on null object @line 1619

Any ideas? Is there another app I can try to use to set parameters? I tried searching and couldn’t come up with anything… :frowning:

The dual nano will create one real device and one virtual device. You can only use Z-wave tweaker on the real, primary device. The virtual device is just that, virtual. It doesn’t directly talk to the nano.

Thanks Ryan…Is there anyway to change the parameters for the virtual device via the primary device?

I found a good guide that has the parameter values…121 is S1 and 122 is S2…I’ve set them to the same…S1 works S2 does not. So weird…Got another coming from Amazon tomorrow and will see how that one works…

The Virtual Devcie will not have parameters. The Physical device is what gets the parameters. They are not stored in ST in the DTH. They are on the device.

That is the way it is supposed to work.

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