setLevel(0) or Does it matter?

(Aaron) #1

Continuing the discussion from Dusk-to-Dawn Dimming Motion Light - RC1:

. . … troubleshooting @Navat604’s issue. I don’t know why the SmartApp would cause this problem unless there is some problem with turning a light off with setLevel(0) vs using The app is using setLevel(0). Does anyone know if there is a ‘preferred method’ for turning a GE link bulb off?

(Scott G) #2

The only difference is that using off() retains the current dim level, so the next on() command will return to that level. If setLevel(0) is used, then an on() command wouldn’t take effect because it would in effect turn the bulb on() to level(0). You would need to use setLevel() to turn the bulb back on.

I don’t see how it could cause connectivity issues.

(Aaron) #3

OK. … so I wonder if @Navat604 is somehow sending a on() to his lights and, since they are on but at level=0, it appears to not be responding. If that’s the case, maybe it would be better to use

@Navat604, can you describe how you are arriving at the conclusion that your bulbs lost connection?

(Ray) #4

I can no longer be able to control my 3 bulbs through the ST app both ios or android, only thing I see on the Ide live log is
daf07635-c2c1-4368-ae32-d9035163c1c7 11:25:53: debug [st cmd 0x54B4 1 8 4 {c7 1500}]
Only when moving the dimmer slider. This might not related to the app at all but a pretty weird coincidence. I will give support a call when I get a chance. Doing the regular 3 on/off won’t even reset my light this time.

(Aaron) #5

Agreed . . . seems like it has to be somehow linked. Let me know what you find out!

(Scott G) #6

What device type are you using for the GE Link? It definitely sounds like you have a connection/mesh issue; but you might have better luck with the community device type for the Links.

(Ray) #7

They were on the Ge link v2 device type and flawless for weeks. I did try switch back to the genetic Ge link with same fault.

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #8

If you’re using Hue lights, setLevel(0) also retains the hue and saturation. So its possible to set the level & color of the light without having the bulb(s) actually go on. This is very helpful in setting up scenes.