Set wake-up time UI?

Right now I have a virtual button that use to tell webcore to slowly turn on some lights at 7:30 am. Is there some app that I could use to pass more information than on/off to webcore? For example, I would like to be able to set the time at which webcore should start turning the lights instead of just having it hardcoded.


Why do you need a virtual button for time? You can just setup a Piston with the time at 7:30. Only time you need a virtual button to set is random time.

I use this to wake up. Some days I don’t want to wake up at 730am

You can pause the Piston.

@Navat604 yes, I can pause the Piston. But, having the ability to tell webcore wake me up at xx:xx am would be very useful for me.

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Ok, Do you have Alexa or Google home? You can have a virtual switch and tell Alexa or Google to turn off if you didn’t want to wake up.
A button such as Minimote or Xiaomi button or a wireless switch. Switch the button will pause the Piston or ignore the timer for that morning. There are quite a few ways to go about this.

I do have google home. This is what I’m doing right now:

I would like to change the happens daily at 7:30 am to a variable that I can configure using the smartthings app

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This is a great question and the concept is useful for many scenarios.

There are several ways it could be done and I don’t know the best way, but here’s one idea:

Create a Device Type of any numeric value (eg, Power). Add up/down sub-tiles to the Device Type Handler and/or a companion SmartApp input field where you can input the desired Time. Use this Device’s current Attribute value in your Piston rather than a hard-coded number (time).

If you have Alexa i believe you can tell Echosistent to turn on a switch at a certain time.

Thanks @tgauchat ! This is exactly what I had in mind? Do you know how hard it would be to implement? Is there a tutorial that I could follow to do this? I have no experience creating Device Handlers nor SmartApps :frowning:

Harder than it ought to be :wink:!

The code would be pretty easy and not big, but the smallest mistake or quirk would be frustrating and just as likely with a template starting point.

But it is worth the effort if you want to learn.

Start with the Developer Docs and experiment by modifying some sort of Virtual Sensor code…?

@tgauchat thanks! Maybe someone who already knows how to do this will create it :slight_smile:

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