Set up phone as device

That’s would be it. Placeholder is the correct device type :slight_smile:

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The hub is not listed and the device network id is empty.

That is OK. You are good to go

Earlier today, I created a virtual device for my phone successfully. In IDE my phone is listed as a “mobile presence” type.

When I attempt to create a virtual device for my wife’s phone, the attempt fails and the device is not created.

If you set up your location before a certain date, you would see mobile presence as device type. New setups would see placeholder.

How are you setting up the virtual device? I prefer using the simulated presence sensor, then using automations or webcore to sync to the actual device.

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This is the screen from the one I set up earlier today.

I am not familiar with virtual presence plus. If it is custom code, you may want to contact the developer. Or hopefully someone else can chime in and assist.

My guess is that it does not work with the new non-groovy presence sensors

I went back to the device setup in IDE and found that I need a unique network device id for each virtual switch. Both phones are now showing up as devices in my SmartThings app.



It appears that I had 2 problems.

I had multiple “Home” locations and was not selecting the correct one. I deleted the incorrect “Home” locations, toggle the remaining one off then back on. Went to Groovy IDE and my phone devise was showing up as a “placeholder” which is different from the way my phone previously showed.

The problem with not being able to set up the new virtual switch device in Groovy IDE was that being new to this stuff, I didn’t know that I must assign a unique network device id when setting up the new device.

For now, things are working as I had hoped.

Thanks for the help in resolving these problems!


Ding ding ding. I think we have a winner on why they made the change :slight_smile:

hi, how can i do that? after creating any simulated presence sensor on IDE i cant select it while creating any automation (no options to controlling this new sensor)

I use webcore to sync simulated presence with the phone location.

I have seen a faq page that shows how to set up automations to do this but I can’t seem to find it. There is also the option of using tasker if you have Android. I know they have instructions also but I am having a hard time with search today. Hopefully others will step in and offer more helpful instructions for using automations to sync the presence.

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thanks! i think for now is pretty easier setting a webcore piston.

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