Set of Lights DeviceType

I noticed the “Set of Lights” device type while fiddling in the IDE and was curious. Currently I have an “Outside Lights” virtual switch that i can turn on and off to control all my outside lights. I’d like the virtual device to be smarter (show “on” if any of the lights are on so I can turn them off with the one switch).

I tried the “Set of Lights” device type but it doesn’t seem to work, editing the device in the App will let me select multiple lights, but it only saves the first one I enter. I can’t find the source for it on the internet, I was hoping someone would have the source or know if it works the way I want.

Otherwise I’ll write a multi-switch link app to do what I want.

I also found this same device type and it looks like its for grouping lights together. I have several fixtures with multiple bulbs and its stupid to have to turn each bulb on separately. However this device type seems to just cause errors and I can’t find it in the SmartThings git repo to look at the code.

This is the error for anyone wondering
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Expected installed smartapp and got physicalgraph.device.Device @ line 71

This functionality would be so cool! I’m getting the same exact results as @snicka


@Stephen_McLaughlin @snicka I found an alternative which also allows for color syncing if you have color bulbs.

Works great!!