Set dimmer value without changing light state

I have several dimmers that I change based on events throughout the day. I hate coming home and turning on a switch to a dim setting. I saw someone post about having the dim setting change when the light is turned on, but I would like to certain times of the day, pick dimmers that I want to set to 100%.

I am handling this now by turning them on at 100% and then a minute later, turning them off, however, if anyone is in the room at the time, it can be somewhat disturbing. (Not to mention, it can turn lights off that people want on…)

Is there a awy to set the brightness if the light is on, or set the “saved” brightness that will be used the next time the light turns on?

(I am using Linear dimmer switches and 3-way repeaters.)

Thank you.

You need a simple smart app that would set level to 99 when switch is turned on. There will be a small delay, but this will override the preset dimmer value.

The only dimmers I’m aware of that allow setting the dim preset values (via parameters) with the dimmer off are the Fibarro’s.
The LUX based auto dimmer smart app I wrote would handle your use case very well.
From the dimmers POV the transaction would look like this:
dimmer currently preset to 20%
ST or switch issues on() to dimmer.
Smart app sees On() for dimmer then decides what to, dimmer is issued setLevel(x) command…
From the dimmers POV:
On() ramp to preset, setLevel(x) via ST.
If your dimmers report status to ST immediatly (vs being polled), this transition from on --> preset --> new level is less than a second.

Well… “less than a second” if there are no cloud response-time issues. :hear_no_evil:


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Try turning it off right away instead of waiting a minute. I’ve been doing this and it’s been working well recently (after not working consistently). The light will only flicker momentarily.

I tried this with my GE dimmers — the “small delay” was 5-20 seconds. This causes problems if someone wants to dim the lights after turning them on.

Leviton and Cooper dimmer switches both allow dim preset values.

I concur! Every time the SmartApp sees that the switch has been turned off, set it to 100%, and then immediately turn it off. I don’t get any flicker—It happens so fast that my LED lights don’t have enough time to turn on.

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Not seeing it brother, via association classes (scenes) I get, I’m talking about an scene independent parameter that can be used to set the dimmer startup level while the dimmer is off.
You’re saying this feature exists for cooper and leviton dimmers without setting association classes ect?

This is one feature that Zigbee might be ahead of Zwave. There’s an attribute in the Zigbee Level cluster called OnLevel, which sets the level the light will go to when turned “On”. You could simply write the new dimmer value when your mode changes and the next time it turns on, voila! (This is of course if the device implements the attribute since it’s optional.)

I have this set using the Rule Machine upon turning off I set the dimmer to 100% and then turn off. In one room it works where I never see the flicker but in another room there is a delay. Not sure why it works differently in different rooms…

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