Servers down? (3 August 2020)

All of my sensors went down.
Along with my virtual switches.
All are saying “offline”, along with my hub.
Any similar experiences?
Using ST APP, not classic and a V2 hub

what is the status of everything in IDE at

try signing out of the app and signing back in

my hub status shows active but all lights, switches, and motion are offline… rebooted but no change

I’m ashamed to say…
I can’t find “sign off”

probably will not help if others are having issues.

menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen)
click on your profile at the top
sign out

but watch the ST status page at
they may post something eventually if there is an outage.
nothing posted as yet. and I am not seeing issues but it could be just affecting only your SHARD (server)

Also contact ST support if you continue to experience the issue

Reported to support.
Checked IDE and all shows good.

try the signout and sign back in

Went to page you suggested.
Still no log out option

lol I have no clue on android :slight_smile:

Just my luck

It’s fixed (?).
Went to IDE page and found a command to reboot hub.
Did so and all is working now. Don’t know how that worked over unplug/plug in. Just another electronic mystery.

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