Server Error

Can someone tell me what this means? Server error: HTTP/1.1 201 Created?

Sorry, I know zero about the logs. I am desperately trying to get the system back to some sort of normal before my family gets home Sunday.


Where are you receiving this error?

Live logging in the log online

0e759880-1ffc-4a4a-b5f1-1da00d4ba30d 11:09:00 PM EST: error Server error: HTTP/1.1 201 Created

Looks like numerous is where it is popping up. I am just trying to figure out what is causing all of the chaos.

If you select the various devices or smartapps in the live log, which one has that error?

It was the Numerous app

Ok I have not used or implemented that app as of yet. Honestly was not aware of it until you told me (SMILE). It looks like @geko was the programmer behind it, perhaps he can be of service?

I’m not even sure it is causing problems. I was just looking for anything out of place. Just desperate to gain some stability.


Perhaps you should start over, what exactly is going on and what have you done so far?

SHM is getting ready to get me kicked out of my house. Sirens go off despite SHM being disarmed. Lights are going crazy (sounds like a known issue) and routines are not firing. The family went out of town for the weekend so I have time to mess with it now but as far as the technology behind it, I know nothing. I figured I’d start learning now.

Hate to state the obvious here, have you restarted your Hub? And have you contacted support?

Oh, sorry. Yes to all. Restarted the hub, support asked me to delete all routines and re-add in hopes that SHM would react properly, the thermostat would stay connected and the lights would act right. They said there was some kind of bug with routines and setting lights at a dim level so I left those out. This morning all of the same bad behavior occurred.

Support said every time I ran a routine , the routine was initiating over 150 commands??? Not sure what that means.

With the lights that are affected, delete the smartapps or uninstall them. Then redo each. Or… I have seen in the boards here that sometimes it is a matter of going into each smartapp and just going through the settings making no changes and hit done. Depending on the number of SmartApps, that might be something to try if you have not done so already.

I had some routines fail in the way that you describe, but in my case a reboot was all that was needed. How long has this been going on?

Also, where are you located (SMILE) it is late here 1:40 am

I am in sunny Florida so we are in the same time zone.

I use the built in light app through ST. Now that you mention it, they had me go into the smart app and hit done. I finally deleted everything not related to a routine because every time I tried to automate a light, it would end up shutting off on us even though we were clearly in the room and the motion sensor was being triggered to reset the timer.

Thermostat Ecobee3 disconnecting has been going on for a month
Motion to turn on lights and then off after x minutes for a month
SHM and lights during routines for about a week. My fiancé has lupus which causes her ears to ring and the siren in her ear is not working. I have removed the downstairs siren until I can figure it out. I even made her a routine to turn all sirens off from the Iris keypad right by the door but she is just tired of it. Presence is working. You can see where it shows her arriving, running the “i’m back” routine and then 5 minutes later, when she opens the door, BAM. Sirens go off and lights turn red

I have one important suggestion. Leave the siren off. Use notifications and cameras for security.

I suspect you have bad code/conflict somewhere. Slowly and patiently build your system back up in priority order one or two devices/routines at a time per day.

When it starts failing you have your culprit.

I find watching the logs during and after adding things is enlightening.

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Sounds like the best plan. I will start doing it today. Thanks!

That’s not an error. Numerous server responds with 201 code when a new stream is created. SmartThings incorrectly identifies it as an error and spits out a message in the log. There’s nothing to worry about. :smile:


Thanks @geko I appreciate it.