Serial Web Service Bridge - Rain8Net & Aquacontroller

I am in the process of moving my HomeSeer system to ST. My last few items are items that only have access via serial ports or iTach serial->wifi bridges.

I have written an application in NodeJS that works as a web service bridge between these types of devices and specifically created modules for the Rain8Net irrigation control system and Neptune Systems Aquacontroller (aquarium controller). The NodeJS application can be easily expanded to add additional modules for say DSC alarm integration (though I know someone already did this), or other types of devices like this.

I would say this project is about 1/3 complete at this time. My next step is writing the ST DeviceTypes and SmartApp. The SmartApp will work as the bridge between the web services and the DeviceType.

I am looking for anyone that has either of these two devices and is looking to integrate and test or assist in development of the ST related applications.

Which Aquacontroller do you have?

Aquacontroller JR, prior to the Apex series. This should work with all non-Apex series Aquacontrollers with IP or Serial based connections.

I emailed their support a few days ago and just got a response today. I was inquiring as to what the terminal command was to set the time/date they basically gave me a big “F-U” we don’t support our legacy products. Not sure which model you have but I can keep time better with a sundial than I can with the internal clock.

I have the aquacontroller 3 pro.

Might ask this guy