Serenade Style Lock

I finally learned that the term for my backdoor lock is called “serenade style.”

Has anyone seen a serenade style lock that work swith ST? I’m not having much luck with Google, so I’m guessing so far the answer is “no.”

That’s a mortise lock with a built-in wave style lever handle. You’ll need to check the forum threads on mortise locks. But in general, these aren’t available as smart locks because the latch physically lifts up and drops down inside the door, so they need a whole different kind of mechanism. There are a couple made for the UK market, but they have to be professionally installed.

There are some workarounds, which is why you should check the forum threads.

Thanks. I’ll poke around over there, though it sounds like it’ll be more hassle than it’s worth for my back door.

There’s an excellent video on the following page which shows the differences between a mortise lock and the more typical cylinder lock usually used on US homes. Although the video says mortise locks are used for commercial doors, in Europe they’re also very common on homes. What you watch the video, you’ll see what some of the issues are in automating these. :sunglasses: