Sercomm Energy Switch? (SZ-ESW01)

I got two of these used. They are Zigbee and Im not able to pair them. Im assuming that they were never removed from the previous hub. I can’t find anything on how to reset or exclude these devices so that I can pair them again

Is this your switch? I did a Google search and this came up with instructions to reset it.

Thanks nope its SZ-ESW01
I found the manual and it says to hold the Join/leave button down for 3 sec until the led flashes but that does not happen. Not sure if this is becasue its no longer connected to the original hub

No, shouldn’t have to be connected to old network. Keep trying. You might have to hold it a little longer or a little shorter than it says

You can Google for the user manual, it has the reset instructions.

Meanwhile, The following might also be of interest. It looks like it’s the same device, just rebranded:

Did anyone get the Securifi SZ-ESW01 outlets to work with Smarthings V2?