Sensors vs. buttons - can I set sensors to ignore if light already turned on by switch?

Difficult to describe in topic title but…

I have a hue light. It’s controlled by a sensor. 2 settings depending on time of day. Late Night / Early morning - turn on at 5%
afternoon/evening turn on at 80%

now I’d like to avoid the sensor triggering the light IF I turned on the light with my phone.

So if I turn it on at 100% in the middle of the night - I want the sensor trigger to not do anything.

So I guess… if movement and light not on or not 5% or < - then activate lights according to settings. Else don’t do anything!


First things first: this forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform. So all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context.

(It’s a very active forum, so it often comes up near the top of Google searches for general home automation questions, but it’s not a general forum.)

Assuming you are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform, then that’s a very common question, and there are actually a couple of different ways to do it.

If however, you are not using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home automation platform, it’s just going to depend on what platform you are using. For example, if you are only using the hue bridge, then you will not be able to do it. :disappointed_relieved:

So are you using the Samsung products? And if so, which hub model do you have or are you in a hub-optional setup?

You’re supposed to read all that info between the lines :blush:

Yes… Am using smartthings v3 hub. It didn’t cross my mind to mention that part as it’s the hue lights I need to do as I want… or… the aeotec multisensor & the hue lights… both connected to my ST hub :slight_smile:

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If you use webCore, you could do it there. Basically, create a variable that flips if you turn the light on with your phone, then code if so the light doesn’t go on if the variable is in the “turned the light on with the phone” state. In the morning, reset the variable.

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