Sensor Wet/Dry Count Graph

I have noticed that the leak sensors and even the door sensors provide a graph of the wet/dry count or the open/close count. The issue is that the graph does not represent the number of iterations. Basically, it is a flat line. This is true with the Samsung drivers as well as custom drivers. Is it be possible to graph the true count?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking, but does your not show a blue bar when it changes state with a count?

Yes, all the blue bars are the same size so while you can highlight individual days to get a count, it would be nice to visually see the difference with different bar heights.



unfortunately its a poor implementation of a bar chart for a binary sensor. The Y-axis is on/off. So they would need to change the y-axis to a count (which would be better!) for that to work.

Thanks for the update. I figured it was an implementation issue from Samsung. Hope they address it in the future.