Sensor timing for less than 1 minute?

Can I set my lights to turn of after less than one minute? As it stands, the minimum I can set is 1 minute for my sensors, is there a way to set them for less than that? I tried 0.5 and it automatically set it to 5 minutes, thanks :pray:

Where are you trying to set this? You can set it less than one minute via WebCore.

I’ve never used webcore. Is it a third party programme, is it fairly easy to use? Thanks!

It’s a rules engine. It can be as complicated or simple as you prefer. But it is definitely more involved than some of the other smartapps.

Yes! From the advanced user to the noob. It’s very intuitive.

Just familiarize yourself with the differences between Triggers and Conditions.

Triggers are like Action Verbs. Something has to happen.

Conditions are just a state of…Is, Was, Are, Above, etc…

Only 1 Trigger per argument.
Can have as many conditions as you like.

Cool, I’ll check it out. Once I’ve written the rules, how do I integrate them in to smartthings? Thanks.