Sensor for TriangleTube Prestige Boiler

So my boiler kicks out every once in awhile leaving us with colder water/no heat in the morning. Basically the boiler tries to fire 3 times and then quits. Looking at the manual there is a Terminals for alarm sensor. Thinking if i hook up a low voltage smartthings sensor to this I could get alerts not sure what kind of sensor to use.

Page 33 of this guide talks about the alarm terminal

Basically I think the Terminal has low voltage ON when boiler is in an error/alarm state. Googled low voltage sensors not sure which one would i need.

The manual says it is a dry contact. There are several z-wave devices that have terminals for connections to dry contacts. These include the Zooz multi-relay and several door contacts that have external contacts. Monoprice makes one and there are others. The z-wave frequency is different in different countries. What I said will work in the US. Not sure what is available for other countries.