Sensing Presence by Floor

I have a two zone HVAC system, upstairs and downstairs. I understand that I can use my smartphone to alert SmartThings that I’m home. But I’m curious if there are sensors available which would let me tell if someone is upstairs. Knowing whether someone is upstairs would let me use different rules for controlling which HVAC system should go into the “someone’s home” mode.

I dont think geofence technology is there yet- not precise enough. There’s a product launching soon that claims to be able to do this- in fact they say they can go room-by-room. I dunno- if that were doable, we wouldn’t see so many people complaining about presence problems.

As long as you don’t need to know which someone, you can just use a motion sensor. :sunglasses:

For example, that’s the whole business proposition of ecobee: that they have multiple sensors that know when someone is in different areas of the home so they create not just heating zones, but active heating zones.

If you need to know which someone, that’s called “microlocation.” It can be done, but it’s much more expensive as you will usually need at least three devices per room in order to pinpoint location. Plus another device at the person carries around with them or wears on a wristband.

If you are interested in the discussions on that, take a look in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki in the project report section on the List for “presence,” and then check out any threads that are tagged “microlocation.”

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Thanx, everyone, for the quick responses. They were very helpful. I only need to know “someone’s there”, not which someone. I’ll check out ecobee.