Sensibo integration

Glad I didnt buy that product

Hi Eric. I realize and appreciate the hard work it took to create these codes. And I thank you very, very much. My point is, it would be nice if you could edit the first post in this thread to reflect the changes that have happened since you posted it. There is no marketplace on the new app. So right from the start people get lost. Most people are not that techie including myself. I think editing the first post would help many people and decrease the amount of questions that come up on this thread. Especially considering that any browser that you enter
anything resembling “Sensibo Samsung Smartthings integration” leads directly to this post. Even from the Senisbo website itself.

I have added a note at the initial post.

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I’m still having some issues with integration using the old method. From the looks of the latest posts, it seems there is official integration. Does the official version work?

I’m also only seeing Air purifier under the sensibo devices in smartthings.

I’m also questioning of Sensibo work with the new smartthing apps (old one discontinued)
I’m looking at buying a Sensibo but I won’t if it’s not officially compatible with my smartthings hub/apps.


Has anyone found a working solution?

I use the smart app from brutality in GitHub and the classic DH. You can get that DH in IDE. It works with webcore. It is still working after moving to the new app.