Sensibo integration

There are global variables for temp. There is a version for Cool, Auto, and Heat. Dry is also handled in the Cool and Auto piston.

I’ve had the same problem. Ive done it several times with the same result. The strange thing is that It showed up in google home as a thermostat (as it should have done in smarthings. This happened since my home is linked to smarthings. I hope they are looking in to this. I´m really happy with my sensibo device. So easy to set-up and it just works ! Great product. Please tell me if you find out how to fix this problem

Good Matin Eric. I have 8 Sensibo loaded up on New and Classic Smarthing App with your integration. I see the units, but I cannot control them. I am simply trying to shut the AC, when a door is open for more than 30 minutes (multi-sensor from Samsung). I did also setup a virtual switch to allow for the delay and that also didn’t work because the Sensibo Integration you created won’t let me turn on or off. I just see the units. Am I doing something wrong?

{“status”: “success”, “result”: [{“id”: “HYJnMFZH”, “room”: {“name”: “SC Bedroom 1”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}, {“id”: “YFvW4CRQ”, “room”: {“name”: “SC Bedroom 2”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}, {“id”: “AmfkdHjg”, “room”: {“name”: “SC Master”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}, {“id”: “6LX6bAKo”, “room”: {“name”: “SC Gym”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}, {“id”: “jQd4H57h”, “room”: {“name”: “SC TV”, “icon”: “Bedroom”}}, {“id”: “GDfCjUPn”, “room”: {“name”: “BH Bedroom 3”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}, {“id”: “s3Yndbn8”, “room”: {“name”: “BH Bedroom 1”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}, {“id”: “HteHdZ93”, “room”: {“name”: “BH Bedroom 2”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}, {“id”: “3whXBPVk”, “room”: {“name”: “SC Kitchen”, “icon”: “lounge”}}, {“id”: “kuotJDVT”, “room”: {“name”: “SC Junior Master”, “icon”: “Lounge”}}]}

I do not have any more time to deal with this. Sorry.

Ok Eric. Not a problem

Hi, I’ve just setup the 3 sensibo sensors with smartthings and it worked really well so thanks for creating the integration. One thing I did notice is that the automation and scenes will turn on/off and set the moded on the airconditioner but will not set the temperature. You can set the temperature using the device in smarthings but it doesnt work in the scenes and automation. Just mentioning this so your aware of it, not expecting any support.

I’m going to have a look at building a virtual device and or smart app as per other posts to see if it will work that way.

Thanks again


Webcore can do it and it support sensibo integration


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Simply brilliant. Worked first try. Thanks!

Hello everyone!
I am newbie to Samsung SmartThings so excuse my silly question - do I need Samsung ST Hub to make Sensibo Sky V2 integration? I am registering error when I try to add SmartApp on my mobile.
Thank you in advance!

You can run it through wifi and use sensibo app. Integration with ST works best using Webcore. ST gives more capability, like presence.

Great integration. Good work! :+1:t2:
I’ve modified my UI so it all fits on the screen and removed features my A/C doesn’t support.
One problem I’ve noticed is it’s great how when you use the remote control on the A/C sensibo also picks up the signal and updates on its end to match the change. Now that is smart.
However I’ve noticed the sensibo won’t pick up timer functions like timer A/C off. The sensibo app has a timer feature you can set and the sensibo will turn off the A/C when it times which is great, but using an app means you can’t fully automate the A/C with a smart app like webCoRE. And by using the remote to set a timer, sensibo doesn’t notice the A/C turn off, meaning any automations to turn on the A/C say when the temp rises too high, it won’t turn on the A/C as it is already ‘on’.

So, would it be possible to add a timer function? It doesn’t have to be adjustable to the minute like the sensibo app, just a timer 30 & timer 1h button would be good. Using $status (on off) Which you’ve already coded, you could tie in timer 30 so if the A/C is off And the button is pressed it will time on in 30, and if A/C is on and T30 is pressed it will time off in 30.
I’m familiar with the code The smart apps use and know enough to change how a ‘things’ page looks but I have no idea how to ‘hook’ your app to a sensibo feature.

Sensibo has a timer function. It’s on the api and can be accessed using web core. I am using the “classic” smartapp and DH, though. I have not tried it with the new app integration. Look for more of @brutalboy and sensibo threads.


Im trying the webcore examples to set the climate react and im getting the folling error;

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_dth_cff48db1db0acd5f3fbdfe1bc2ef982366a949b023bf2bf286fcbd77278a033a.configureClimateReact() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.Boolean) values: [19, 20, temperature, [true,‘auto’,‘C’,20,‘heat’], , false] @line 1741 (executePhysicalCommand)

Anyone know what that means?

Thanks a lot, @Brutalboy! :slight_smile:

First I got this: Network or server error occured. Try again (OK)

  • then after severeal tires Processing … indefinitely :confused:

I then deleted the SmartApp, re-created it - adding the key again etc.

Finally it seemed when I named a new api key sensibo it made the SmartApp install (still had to try a few times).

I could only add an Air Purifier device (which made it connect to my Sensibo account) - but I have a Sensibo Remote control and it seems to works all the same.

Thanks again!

Hello all I’m fairly new to Sensibo. Actually I don’t own one at the moment. But I’m looking into it. I wanted to knwo if sensibo is compatible with Fujitsu RLS3H models. Also will I be able to add it to webcore? If yes, will it have all the functions available on the device to control? Heat, cool, temperature, fan only, etc…


Hey guys, this topic is quite old, from 2015, and really massive, … I just have a few simple questions. I got my Sensibo, installed Sensibo app and added it to Smartthings app, it works, but automation is terrible or not working at all. I can see Sensibo in my Smartthings web-dashboard, but can’t see it in webcore device list. Is there something wrong with my integration? If not, I guess I have to do it manually? By adding through “New SmartApps” and “My Device Handlers” as above? If yes, where the latest version code for it please? Thanks in advance.

I just connected to smartthings using this smartapp. Although it seems to work as far as the connection goes, the data is not coming in regularly (or at all sometimes for certain PODs). I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this one, but it seems broken…

I use the Classic App and the BrutalBoy DH and Smartapp from github. That is working 90% of the functionality.

Sorry guys. I do not have extra time for supporting this Device Handlers. I stopped supporting to code.

The code is there on github, you can take it and have fun with it