Sensibo integration



I am looking to connect 2 Sensibo POds to Smartthings Classic
I have loaded and published the App and Device Handler
In the Classic App I can see the Sensibo (Connect) App under my apps
Have activated it, loaded a Sensibo API KeY
On Sel;ect your Sensibo Pod I can see and select my to Sensibo Pods
They are then listed under Pods. I then hit Save and receive a error message An unexpected error occurred
I have reviewed one previous post on this topic, but it isnt clear ro me how that was resolved (User 11139)

I’m interested in any advise that can be provided.

Thanks heaps


HI. Im having the same error message. I dont have a Smartthings Hub installed. The Sensibo DEvices are connected to my router WiFi and communicating OK with Sensibo Server.
Did you find you needed to have a Smartthings hub. Did the Sensibo devices need to be communicating via that HUB.

Appreciate any advise you have


How do you think to use Sensiso with Smartthing without having the hub?

My stuffs require the hub, sorry


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