Sensibo integration

I am looking to connect 2 Sensibo POds to Smartthings Classic
I have loaded and published the App and Device Handler
In the Classic App I can see the Sensibo (Connect) App under my apps
Have activated it, loaded a Sensibo API KeY
On Sel;ect your Sensibo Pod I can see and select my to Sensibo Pods
They are then listed under Pods. I then hit Save and receive a error message An unexpected error occurred
I have reviewed one previous post on this topic, but it isnt clear ro me how that was resolved (User 11139)

I’m interested in any advise that can be provided.

Thanks heaps

HI. Im having the same error message. I dont have a Smartthings Hub installed. The Sensibo DEvices are connected to my router WiFi and communicating OK with Sensibo Server.
Did you find you needed to have a Smartthings hub. Did the Sensibo devices need to be communicating via that HUB.

Appreciate any advise you have

How do you think to use Sensiso with Smartthing without having the hub?

My stuffs require the hub, sorry


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Thankyou. I am new to smart H/W and systems. From your prompt, have done more research on Smartthings and understand a bit more. A Smartthings Hub suitable for Aus is only just available (Regulatory Freq Use) so will proceed with this once can get what I need. Appreciate your help and also the effort you put into making this work.

I have created the smartApp and the Device Handler, but when I try to add the SmartApp to my device it says “Pods You can’t currently add this”.
I have 2 sky pods on my Sensibo account.

Guys, after the iOS update application, the Sensibo pod application is not working anymore, it only shows a blank page :frowning:

Does anyone face the same problem?

Yes, same here. After the recent application update, the Sensibo pod is only show a blank page. Thanks

This is not related to my code as nothing have changed… So blame SmartThings :slight_smile:

Awesome job for doing what you are doing.

Absolute newbie and not good with tech so this is going to be a challenge :slight_smile:

This integration is the best thing about Smartthings!

Hi Brutalboy,
This is really awesome. I had no issues adding the smartapp, devicehandler and pods to my smartthings. I’m seeing "Pod xxx FAILED to set or get the AC State for a number of scenarios. For ease of explanation i’m using the buttons “cool”, “heat”, “fan only”, and “dry.” Also please note, while this is Sensibo, its using a specific module for my carrier minisplits which direct plugin. I don’t know why the api would be different…but maybe it is…no clue.

Below is not a perfect test. I did notice that if I use sensibo app to set to “dry” and then turn off, I can turn on with you app and it will be in whatever the last mode i left it like “dry.” However it looks like the full controls for all other modes except fan don’t work with your app for my system.

From Off state

  1. cool (failed to get AC state
  2. heat (failed to get AC state)
  3. fan (works)
  4. dry (failed to get AC state)

From On state, trying to turn off

  1. cool (failed to get AC state
  2. heat (failed to get AC state)
  3. fan (works)
  4. dry (failed to get AC state)

Any thoughts? I would be happy to send logs and so forth. I noticed that you mentioned some post with “how to troubleshoot.” I’m still looking for that post. If you can tell me what you need, I would be happy to send. Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

I am having issue with getting the API key, It is blank on the SENSIBO “create an API key” Should I be entering a value for the key, then hit “add an API key” and then use that in the Smart APP? I was expecting Sensibo to issue the key/

Hello Eric,

Hoping this question is not too old, but, when sensibo unit goes to Dry, it gets stuck and no command gets it back out. I have to use the API.

Have you seen this?

You are using the latest version of my code?


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Just loaded as an update. 635-1? Is there a new SmartApp?

Both are often updated at the same time. 635-1 is the one to take for smartapp and device type/handler


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Similar to Blarg3891, goes to fan, then stuck there.

Maybe the smartapp is not updating? Do I need to force a stop or something?

Both were up to date in my IDE.

Just copy the code manually from the git hub and paste it(replace) your existing code and it should work.

I can send you debugging steps to send me some logs and others but I will contact u during the week. Im off site right now.


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