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Hey @Brutalboy - did more testing, only the Living Room Thermostat changes when I change SHM. Bedroom and Milan’s room don’t change.

Please try them one by one. I m suspecting the way you are calling them in webcore.


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Ok, I’ll update. Makes sense.

Hi Eric
Did you get a chance to look at my logs I sent?


It almost works. Screenshot shows that with the correct vid in the metadata, the display is this…(only Temp unit is incorrect)


I would recommend using setAll to avoid multiple call to the AC

example in webCoRe setAll(mode as string ,temp as integer ,fanlevel as string)

setAll( ‘cool’,22,‘auto’)

NOTE: The capabilities list depend on your AC as they may be limited

The fan level values are:

The swing values are:

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On my Android Galaxy S9, I cannot set the thermostat mode or other, I can only turn on/off for the moment.

Which platform are you on?

Hey @Brutalboy , still doing some testing and getting overall great results. What is this error in Webcore?

WARNING: Results may be unreliable because the parent app’s version (v0.3.109.20181207) is newer than the child app’s version (v0.3.108.20180906). Please consider updating both apps to the same version.

This error seem to come from webCoRE and not my stuffs. Please update webCoRE to latest version from smartthing web site.

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Sorry for the wait for my reply! I am on iOS. That is an iPad. Hope this helps.

I purchased 2 Sensibo Sky units for both my Fujitsu Heat Pumps and they work perfectly. I am using your SmartApp with ST and Webcore and it works perfectly to control the temperature.

Thank you!

I’m using the latest EricG66 app/dh.
In auto mode, when i change temperature: one of my heat pump always change mode, first heating then stays in cooling. The other heatpump works.

  • Have tried added it again. It works as it should in sensibo app.
  • Also have tried disabling the webcore controll.
  • The “Auto-mode” button doesnt work, but changing with the heat-cool-fan-auto button work.

Last log when changing temp in auto:

14:21:51: trace refresh() ended

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:51: debug name :targetTemperature value :29

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:51: debug name :switch value :on

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:48: trace temperatureDown() called with 30

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:48: trace lowerTemperature() called

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:51: debug name :thermostatMode value :cool

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:51: debug name :voltage value :3000

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:51: debug name :coolingSetpoint value :29

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:50: trace setCoolingSetpoint() called

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:50: debug name :productModel value :skyv2

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:49: info Heating temperature changed to 29 for 98arunzT

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:49: trace Executing ‘poll’ using parent SmartApp

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:49: trace refresh() called

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:48: debug setTemperature : 29

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:48: debug Temp after : 29

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:48: debug Temp before : 30

ad744447-2acc-4936-9a58-5025f7b7a1b5 14:21:48: debug Current target temperature = 30

Hey there all, I had a friend ask me yesterday to help him find a way to allow AirBNB customers control several Sensibo controllers at one time with some sort of tablet. Has anyone tried to put this up on ActionTiles to control their Sensibo from a Tablet?

yup. create a virtual switch and the have it trigger a webcore piston with the desired temp/rooms.

Hey Brutalboy. I’ve installed the smartapp and device handler as your instructions, but when I go to the marketplace to find the app, its not there. Thoughts?

You have installed and published them?

You are looking in My Apps section?


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It was a failure in the IDE. I got it working. Sorry to bother.

Thank you for GREAT JOB you did.
Question for you.
Sensibo can determine the humidity. So i was trying to make it work with If humidity goes up to 40.
I like to turn on the Wemo smart plug (Dehumidifier device) automatically runs the device.
Is there any way I can make it happen with Smartthings Hub??
I already install with “core” & “webcore”.
Just don’t know what to do.

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